1. Hope you have installed the JIGS extension in your CRM account. If not, navigate to ZOHO Market Place, search for Jivrus Integra for Google Sheets.
  2. Install the extension.
  3. After Installation Open Zoho CRM , click on three dots symbol.

4. Search for Google Sheets JIGS or directly select.

5. You will now redirect to Google Sheets setup page.

6. If you have already setup then it will auto load it and display in Settings page. If not we have to setup by clicking "+" button.

1. Modules: Zoho CRM modules(Leads,Contacts,Deals).

2. Automate:

← : Tick it to import data automatically from Google Sheet to Zoho based on this Settings.

→: Tick it to export data automatically from Zoho to Google Sheet based on this Settings.

3. Choose Sheet: Click and Select destination sheet where you want to export or import data.

4. Navigation: Opens the selected sheet.

5. Sheet Tabs: List all selected sheets tabs.

6. Refresh Tabs: Refresh the selected sheet tabs.

7. Settings: For mapping Zoho fields with sheet columns(Please see the below picture).

8. Delete: Clear the configured settings.

Field Mapping :

  • Field mapping dialog allow you to map sheet columns with Zoho CRM fields.
  • If you don't have any columns in selected sheets below screen will appear.
  • Click on Create. It will create all the fields of selected modules(Leads,Contacts,Deals).
  • After creating below screen will appear.
  • Click on New and start mapping Zoho fields with Sheet columns.
  • After mapping fields click on Done.
  • Next Click on Save (mandatory otherwise you will loose your configuration).
  • Yes, that's all your configuration is ready for importing and exporting Zoho data.