How to Automatically Export Zoho CRM data

Automatically Exporting Data from Zoho CRM to Google Sheets

  • Click on Settings from the Side nav.

  • Click the "+" icon to start the configuration.

  • Prepare a destination spreadsheet with all headers

  • Select the required modules.

  • Select the destination spreadsheet.

  • Select the sheet tab with data.

  • Switch on Auto Export to Google Sheet to automatically export data from Zoho to Google Sheet.

  • Select 'on create' or 'on edit' or even both.

  • Click on the Settings icon to start the mapping of the sheet fields with the module fields.

  • Clicking on the refresh icon will refresh the google sheet.

  • Apply Filters if required using the corresponding icon.

  • Open your CRM and start creating records.

  • Click on save and same record will be available automatically inside your destination spreadsheet.