• Click on the "Install" button

  • It will ask for your Personal details Click on "Continue" and Click "Install".

  • It will prompt logged-in user details if everything is correct Click on "Continue" then check for the Google Sheets version (current V194.0), Tick the "Terms of Service" then click "Continue to install".

  • Select your Users/Profiles (Select the profile to whom this extension is to be visible, based on the profile selection the extension will be displayed to users)


Google Sheets Authorization


  • You should need to Authorize With Jivrus Integra for Google Sheets data and Zoho CRM Connector Data at the time of Installation.

  • Click on 'Authorize'.


    • You should need to Authorize both Data connectors One by one.

    • You should have a Google Account. In case you don't have a Google Account click on 'Signup'

and Create a Google Account.

  • You should have a CRM Account.

After clicking on Authorize you will receive a Google Login page and Zoho CRM Connector Page.

follow image below

  • Choose your Google Account / Login with your Google Account.

  • Choose Your Zoho CRM Account/ Login with your Zoho CRM Account.

Once you've Logged in to your Google Account or Zoho CRM Account you will be receiving another page following the image below.

  • Click on 'Allow' / "Accept": This will Access your Google Sheets from your Google Drive / Zoho CRM Account.

Once you clicked on 'Allow' / "Accept" means you have authorized JIGS - Extension with your Google Account / JIGS - EXTENSION with your Zoho CRM Account

and you will be shown another page follow image bellow.

  • Click on 'Finish' and JIGS - Extension is ready to use.


  • All the above steps are mandatory.

  • if you fail to Authorize this extension with Google Account this extension will not work.

  • If you fail to give permissions to this extension or the process fails somewhere in between this extension will not work.

  • Authorizing this extension with Google Account is completely safe.