How to export Zoho CRM data to Sheet

How To Export Zoho CRM Data to Sheet

  • Prepare your destination Spreadsheet with header values to store data.

  • Click on "Export to sheet" from the side nav.

  • Select the required module(The data from the selected module will be exported to a sheet)

  • Select a Spreadsheet to store data.

  • Select the corresponding sheet tab.

  • Clicking on the refresh icon will refresh the google sheet.

  • Apply Filters if required using the corresponding icon.

  • Click on the Settings icon to start the mapping of the sheet fields with the module fields.

  • Click on New to add a new mapping.

  • Click on Done to finish the mapping.

  • Click on the "Export" button will automatically start exporting Zoho CRM data into the selected Google Sheet.

  • Once the Export is done, you can see all CRM data stored into the destination spread sheet.