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Welcome to Google Sheets JIGS

What is JIGS?

JIGS (Jivrus Integra for Google Sheets) is a extension for ZOHO CRM that enhances the integration from Google Sheets to Zoho CRM and vice versa.

With simple configuration, the extension will automatically insert rows in Google Sheets when new record in Zoho CRM is created and vice versa. Also users can export to Google Sheets from Zoho CRM and import into Zoho CRM from Google Sheets on-demand.

Now, Integrate Zoho CRM and Google Sheets with control and comfort.


  1. Seamless integration between Zoho CRM and Google Sheets
  2. Insert rows into Google Sheets automatically as new records created in Zoho CRM
  3. Create or update records in Zoho CRM automatically for insertions and updation on Google Sheets
  4. On demand export of records from Zoho CRM modules to Google Sheet
  5. On demand import of rows from Google Sheets into Zoho CRM
  6. Sophisticated configuration of mapping between Zoho CRM and Google Sheets