How does it work?

Jivrus Integra for Google Sheets

Zoho CRM Extension

Check out the introduction video below on "How Google Sheets JIGS works"



  • You should be already logged in with your zoho crm account to install this extension.

You will be redirected to zoho marketplace follow image below.

  • Select the agreement and click on install
  • Once you click on install you will another page follow image below
  • Click on 'Agree and Continue' and you will get another page follow image below.
  • Choose profile :-

Select the profile to whom this extension is to be visible, based on the profile selection the extension will be displayed to users

  • Click on 'Confirm' you will get another page follow image below.
  • Click on 'Authorize'


    • You should have a Google Account. In case you dont have a Google Account click on 'Signup'

and Create a Google Account.

After clicking on Authorize you will receive a Google Login page follow image below

  • Choose your Google Account / Login with your Google Account.

Once your Logged in to Google Account you will be receiving another page follow image below.

  • Click on 'Allow' : This allow will Access your Google Sheets from your Google Drive

Once you clicked on 'Allow' means you have authorized JIGS - Extension with your Google Account

and you will be shown another page follow image bellow.

  • Revoke : Removing the authorization of Google Account with JIGS - Extension,
  • Click on 'Finish' and JIGS - Extension is ready to use.


  • All the above steps are mandatory.
  • if you fail to Authorize this extension with Google Account this extension will not work.
  • If you fail to give permissions to this extension or the process fails somewhere in between this extension will not work.
  • Authorizing this extension with Google Account is completely safe.

How to use JIGS?


  1. Hope you have installed the JIGS extension in your CRM account. If not, navigate to ZOHO Market Place, search for Jivrus Integra for Google Sheets.
  2. Install the extension.
  3. Authorise the extension with your Google Account
  4. Follow the guide below to setup.


Create a new Spread Sheet in your Google Drive and open it.

  • Copy your Sheet ID as shown in above image URL bar.
  • Create a new Tab in this sheet as show in above image highlighted in yellow color.
  • Create columns in your specific tab as shown in above image.

Go to Google Sheet - JIGS

This is a Google Sheet Mapping page.

We have not created any settings yet so it does not show any data.

Click on Plus button to create a new setting

Once you click on plus button it will bring you a empty row.

Click on Modules and select a Module.

Once the Module is selected it will enable the next fields.

B. Automate: This indicates switching automatic data transfer on/off. Data transfer can either from Zoho CRM to Google Sheet or Google Sheets to Zoho CRM or both. The arrows indicate the direction. And the colour & text indicates whether it is on/off

This functionality will allow to gain control on the data like whenever the new data inserted in selected module it should go to the selected sheet or not. And if this function turned on for specific time the schedulers will auto import or export data to your selected sheets.

Back Arrow

  • If this function is turned on, the extension will automatically import the data from Google Sheets to your ZOHO CRM.
  • With auto import, it will create or update records in Zoho CRM.
  • It will mark the status of import in your Spreadsheet saying a column "Status - JIGS"
  • Note: This is done by a scheduled process that runs every 6 hours

Forward Arrow

  • If this function is turned on, the extension will automatically export the data from Zoho CRM to your respective Google Sheet depending upon your settings.
  • Note: This will be done instantaneously as you create records in Zoho CRM

C. Sheet ID :- To copy the sheet ID follow the bellow image

D. Open Sheet :- This button will take you to the respective Google Sheet

E. Fetch Tabs :- This button will get you all the tabs that are present in the specific Google Sheet and list in the Dropdown.

F. Sheet Tab :- Select your Google Sheet tab here. Once you select a tab it will enable the next options.

G. Refresh :- This button will refresh the tabs if you have added any new tabs in your sheet into the dropdown.

H. Settings :- This button is to map the fields between Zoho CRM fields and Google Sheet columns. This button will open a Popup that will contain CRM field mapping. Bellow image shows you the field mapping screen.

Initially there will not be any settings as we have not created yet. Click on New button the create a setting once you click it will bring you the options.

The first dropdown will indicate the available fields in ZOHO CRM.

NOTE:- The options with color PINK indicates that those are the mandatory fields to be selected during mapping, please ensure that you map all the required fields with your Google Sheet columns. If you ignore to map any of these required fields, the data may not be replicated back properly in your CRM.

The second dropdown will indicate the columns are present in your Google Sheet.

Map all required fields with your Google Sheet columns.

Once you done with mapping click on "DONE" button and in the settings click on "SAVE" button.

Add your required module settings we are creating settings for all 3 modules

NOTE :- As you see in the above image we have turned on all the automate options.

Please ensure that you have save the settings if you make any changes.

Automatic Export to Google Sheet

Navigate to Leads Module

Put the data of lead and click on save.

Once you save the lead details navigate to the Google Sheet tab that was set earlier.

As you see the data was saved in your CRM is replicated in your Google Sheet also depending upon your automate option selections.

Navigate to the Contacts Module Add some contact Information.

Click on Save button.

Navigate to your Google Sheet.

Go Back to Deal Module add some deals information

Click on Save button and navigate back to Google Sheet.


Go to your respective Google Sheet

Add some Lead data in your Google Sheets Tab (as configured in the settings for Leads Module)

Note :-

  • While creating a new lead in your Google Sheet make sure that you leave the Leads ID empty.
  • Add proper data like email, Phone, with correct format. Incorrect data or format will not be imported into CRM
  • Fill all the required fields as you configured in "Mapping CRM fields and Sheet Columns" GUI.
  • For Leads Module, the required fields are Last_name, Company. Be sure that you put the data in your respective column as per the mapping.

Once you add data in your Google Sheet respective tab, navigate to ZOHO CRM and find the "Import from Sheets - JIGS" option shown below.

This "Import from Sheets - JIGS" option will enable you to import new records from Google Sheet into your selected module.

Click on Import from Sheets - JIGS it will open you the below screen.

If you have saved settings earlier it should bring you those settings back once you select a specific module.

Click on Select a Module and select a module.

You had saved the settings earlier so once you select the module it is getting all the preset information,


  • If you have not created any settings earlier, the complete form will be empty. You have to fill it before starting import. Note that information entered in this form are temporary and wont be updated in the global settings.
  • If you have settings already saved, you can still change it temporarily and start importing
  • Once the import is started do not add / delete / update anything in your Google Sheet
  • Do not refresh the page.
  • It will take couple of minutes depending upon the rows are present in your Google Sheet,

Click On Import button

Once the import is done it will show you the summary page as shown below

If you want to see the details, Click on Details

  • "Details" will contain the log of import, This log will tell you the row number of your Google Sheet which was inserted / failed / updated.
  • Once the import is done, the Admin and the current user will receive an email that will contains the log of import with row number.

It will show thw row number that was inserted / insert failed / updated / update failed in your CRM account. The top Back Arrow button will take you back to the import page.

Go to respective Google Sheet

Once the import is done the extension stamps the created Lead ID in your Google Sheet's mapped ID column for all records imported newly.

Also it is going to create a new column with "Status - JIGS". This for user reference to understand which row was failed / inserted / updated.

The same import can be performed to Contacts, Deals also

Follow the same instructions and select Module as a Contacts, Deals.


Export CRM Data to Sheet Manually :-

To export data to sheet manually go to your (Specific) Module click on select all checkbox as you see in above image, you can selected the records depending up on your choice.

Once the records are selected, click on Export to Google Sheets - JIGS it will bring you the below screen

The Module will be selected automatically as the current module you are currently working on. If you have saved settings earlier it will get you the specific module mapping. You can change the configuration for exporting the data. Changes in the configuration will not be saved back into global settings.

Click on Export i will take a while and will show you Success Message,


  • Do not refresh the page
  • It will take a while to export the data to respective Google Sheets.
  • Do not work with the Google Sheet when this task is scheduled.

Once you get success message navigate to the respective Google Sheet(Your Tab). You can see the exported data in Google Sheet as shown below.